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"How can I be a princess?" Louis asks too sharply. "Even if I somehow marry Princess Gemma I'd only be Duke of Edinburgh or something."

Lottie rolls her eyes so skilfully it might be genetic. "You idiot, if you marry Prince Harry you could be Princess of Wales."

Title: Celebrity Discount
Pairing: Louis Tomlinson/Harry Styles, 1D.
AU: Harry is the Prince of Wales, Niall works for the palace, Louis, Liam and Zayn are One Direction.
Rating: NC-17.
Word Count: 27,000 words, chaptered, posted weekly.
Beta: Lovely Laura!

Summary: Where Harry’s an openly bisexual prince, Louis is a closeted, famous boy-bander, Zayn mocks everyone and everything, Liam could do with less naked boys on this tour, and Niall might or might not be an Irish lord. Inspired by the gifset.

A/N: So this is basically a silly, horribly British love story with a lot of visual aid and some pining. I'm gonna need you to roll with me when it comes to the Perth Agreement and Ziall. Also, hi fandom! Nice to meet you! Hope you like what you see, and don't forget to comment on your way out :D

Disclaimer: I have absolutely no relation to the boys other than the fact they might actually make it to where I'm from come October (along with the apocalypse). Also, all my knowledge of the British crown is derived of extensive research and Merlin fics. Also, most of the fabulous manips on this fic aren't my own, so credit goes to the good shippers of tumblr! If you find one of your own I would love to credit you :D

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RenIchi - Project Runway Is Serious Fucking Business

Title: All The Rage (Project Runway Is Serious Fucking Business)
Pairing: Renji/Ichigo.
Rating: hard R, methinks.
Summary: Project Runway AU. What else could I give ravens_rising for Christmas? everything else ever i'm sorry bb have some skinny jeans
Word Count: 1,500 words.
Beta: ENDLESS PROPS TO goldensprite what the fuck would I even be doing without you

A/N: just Spiky posting fic nbd nbd. Fair warning: I'm incredibly rusty. Also I LOVE YOU RAE-CHAN. AND ♥HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO EVERYONE!♥ HOW THE FUCK ARE YOU?

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Of Rocky Relationships, and Quartz Being a Badass Motherfucker

Title: Of Rocky Relationships, and Quartz Being a Badass Motherfucker
Fandom: Gayology.
Pairings: Quartz/Calcite, Quartz/Ferrous Oxide, Quartz/Ferrous Oxide/Calcite. (Fuck yeah.)
Rating: NC-17.
Warnings: Uh. Minerals having sex. Double penetration. Substance abuse. Me losing my mind.
Word count: 1,340 words.
Art: here, thanks to the magnificent and completely bad-for-my-health macboris. I don't even care if you're bi or not, I deserve something for this travesty.
A/N: please don't judge me okay rocks are hot and quartz is the manliest of them all.

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RenIchi - Top Of The World (1/4)

Title: On Top of the World (You Get Nothing Done) Or: Boom Boom Sexy Time
Pairings: Renji/Ichigo, mentions of UlquiHime, past IchiIshi, one-sided RenRuki and a tiny bit of RenShuu.
AU: In which Ichigo is besties with Orihime, has had some serious shit happen to him, takes life Really Seriously, and is a baker. Renji has sunglasses and fame, and likes pastries, so that works out nicely.
Rating: NC-17 (just the one :D).
Warning: mentions of violence, homophobia, and Ishida getting treated quite poorly by me.
Word Count: 22,000 words.
Beta:  pb_cookie! ♥

Summary: The first time Ichigo had lived in Seireitei had been a trainwreck, simply put. Among other things, it made him determined to make the most of his second try in the city. He thought he was on the right track, too, with two jobs, a place to stay and all the pies he could ever want. That his life suddenly involved an awkward relationship with local celebrity Renji Abarai was either a surprising bonus or a disaster waiting to happen.

Notes: Alright! There are quite a few this time!
* The cake-messaging has been inspired by Funny Cake Pics, Cake Wrecks, and some pictures goldensprite had sent me a long time ago.
* I haven't actually made any of the pastries mentioned (like Renji, I pride myself mostly on some mean whipped cream), so I can't recommend you the recipes I used in the story. I have, however, looked extensively into Renji's sunglasses, and seriously, just look at this, and of course The Pair. As for Ichigo's piercings, this is the mellow one. I'm just gonna leave this here, too.
* The fic title is taken from the song One of a Kind by Placebo, and the song mentioned in the fic is, of course, Black Dog by Led Zeppelin.
* Just so you don't get thrown off: all of Orihime's employees besides Ichigo are her fairy things. I've just decided to use their English names, purely for aesthetic reasons.
* So, this is what happens when I set out to write a short romantic fic. It turns from this into 20k with a side of emotional abuse. /fail
* I will kill, or write fic, for fanart of Renji/chic Ray-Bans or Ichigo/piercings or any combination thereof.

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